The Easements Meadow Slasher Four Poets Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre The Force of What's Possible The Volta Book of Poets
The Courier's Archive & Hymnal Swamp Isthmus A Little Slash at the Meadow Made a Machine by Describing the Landscape In the Trade of Alive Letters Mis-sent Selenography
Poets on Teaching The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth 12x12 Until the Lantern's Shaky Song Cold Faction I Go by Edgar Huntly now
The Book of Flashlights, Clover, & Milk Figures for a Darkroom Voice The Book of Truants & Projectorlight Lug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk A Ghost as King of the Rabbits Suspension of a Secret in Abandoned Rooms

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