Swamp Isthmus

Swamp Isthmus

Black Ocean (Boston, MA) | March 2013
Book 2 in the No Volta Pentalogy
Best Books of 2013
Named one of the Best Books of the Year in poetry by Amazon
and named among the Top 40 Poetry Books by Coldfront for 2013.

I can’t remember the last time a book of poems gave me such a bewildered, deep pleasure. It’s as if Joshua Marie Wilkinson made himself translucent so that these perfect, mysterious arrangements of world and word could shimmer through. I waited on every word, every line break, consistently taken by surprise, totally convinced and awed.—Maggie Nelson

Swamp Isthmus puts into the eye everything you’ve ever imagined wanting but didn't know how to see. Star image, “a lake of bees” over the eye-mind, what feeling is is what happens here. These poems know our questions before we know them, the things of our questions, and how we long into them—some deep yearning and also some re-recognition. I have a strong instinct to lick these pages.—Dawn Lundy Martin

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