12 x 12: Conversations in 21st Century Poetry & Poetics

edited by Christina Mengert & Joshua Marie Wilkinson

University of Iowa Press (Iowa City, IA) | January 2009

Including conversations and poems by:
Rae Armantrout | Paul Auster | Jennifer K. Dick | Paul Fattaruso |
Allen Grossman | Carla Harryman | Christian Hawkey | Christine Hume |
Aaron Kunin | Mary Leader | Ben Lerner | Mark Levine | Sabrina Orah Mark |
Laura Mullen | Sawako Nakayasu | Claudia Rankine | Srikanth Reddy |
Michelle Robinson | Tomaž Šalamun | Karen Volkman | Rosmarie Waldrop |
Dara Wier | Jon Woodward | Mark Yakich

Mengert and Wilkinson propose a vivid landscape of conversation that is
also, beautifully, a temporal continuum--reaching across doctrines and
generations, emphasizing a continuous newness in the ongoing discovery
of and in poems. 12 x 12 dares to propose a living entirety. It urges its
readers toward expansiveness, tolerance, and delight. It is a model—nay,
it is a new standard of relevance.
—Donald Revell

Reviewed in New Pages | Publisher's Weekly

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